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In 2015, with the opening of the fifth boutique brand - Lingnan Hotel Five, Lingnan Hotel Group expanded its family.

The brand of "Lingnan Hotel Five" originated
from the well-known "Wuyang City" - Guangzhou,

for appreciating "five immortals bring harvest",
which also comprises the meaning of Chinese Five Elements Theory.

Exploring a city begins with a hotel, a stop along a journey. It is a gateway into a city’s cultural context. LN Hotel Five inherits the heart of Nanyue culture, distils the elements of a bustling city. Displays the impressions of sails on the Pearl River and shines as the crystalline lights of a trading port. Old Guangzhou and new city fashion are naturally intertwined in its ebb and flow.

Strolling Along the Riverbank: A Scenic City

Riverside Road is lined up with buildings of the early Riverside Architecture of Modern China, glistening and dazzling in the passage of time. This is also a road of fashion and cosmopolitanism, with many venues for leisure and recreation frequented by the vivacious youth. The core downtown business district, Beijing Road, bustles nearby. This is also a convenient location to reach Guangzhou’s major attractions. The excavated site of the ancient Nanyue Kingdom Palace, the site of the Tangqing Navy Building, and the late Qing Dynasty College group are all located within walking distance. The nearby subway line number six, takes to even more attractions of Guangzhou. Strolling along the river, one holds the impression of the city clearly in mind. Guangzhou LN Hotel Five is purposely located in an area where the historical, cultural, and business districts intersect. Check into a hotel along Guangzhou’s Riverside Road, and this geographic advantage unfolds into a wonderful city experience.

Architectural Arts: Cultural Integration

The architectural design of the Guangzhou LN Hotel Five echoes the cultural integration of Guangzhou’s urban character. A 1950’s era building on Riverside Road, the hotel has been elegantly renovated. Facades with a sense of light and clean lines reflect the "less is more" ethos of European modernism, and the design of the entrance corresponds to its environment, manifesting the philosophy of organic architecture in detail. When entering the lobby, freehand paintings of the old Whampoa Wharf evoke vivid memories of Guangzhou ports and the bustling to and from on the Pearl River. As one sits along the shores, underneath the warm golden sun with the salty ocean air breeze, one can see the beckoning sky touch the earth among vibrant crowd. The Maritime Silk Road, The Thirteen Hongs, and old Huangpu Harbor are not simply names in history. They also belong to today’s time, an experience of a unique journey.

Diverse Experiences: Pleasant Dreamscapes

Upon entering the guest room, this romantic tone is further amplified. Thirty-two rooms, all facing south, take in the scenery of the fervent Pearl River, carrying one’s mind into the distance. Specially tailored vintage furniture carries the grace of stately mansions, where simple design conveys modern aesthetic proportion, charm, and function. Freehand painting themes form the main design elements of five different room styles: Flowery elements, Daily Life elements, Commercial elements, Orchid Courtyard elements, and Water Dancing elements. The colorful flowery elements create an impressionistic Guangzhou as the “City of Rams”, where flowers blossom throughout the year. The grounding of daily life elements corresponds to the city’s pragmatic and inclusive culture. The luxurious commercial elements harken back to the grandeur of this thousand-year commercial port, while the elegance of the orchid courtyard elements exudes the charm of a historical and cultural city. The vitality of water dancing elements portrays the restless and racing Pearl River. Each style of the room corresponds perfectly to a particular perception of the city. In addition to the art pieces, the delicate décor of the rooms in Guangzhou LN Hotel Five strives to enhance the comfort of any journey.

Let time slow down, and read the language of a city.