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Sandy, Hotel Manager

Sandy, Hotel Manager

In 2015, with opening of LN Hotel Five – boutique hotel, Lingnan Hotel group added fifth hotel to its family. As the hotel manager of LN Hotel Five, Sandy comes across as a very energetic and full of life person. She is proud to lead the team of LN Hotel Five; which is the only member of Small Luxury Hotels of the WorldTM (SLH) in Guangzhou. She says "LN Hotel Five is like a baby to me, and to watch it grow every day is a feeling of gratitude and happiness. Being the Hotel manager I encounter new challenges every day and overcoming it gives me a sense of satisfaction."

As a hospitality professional, her life is her story. A vibrant smile and excellent etiquettes are a part of her job requirement which she tries to keep up even during difficult situations. She firmly believes in the quote "fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose" and follows it in her professional life. Hotel Manager’s job is demanding and not easy, but Sandy takes every new challenge as an opportunity and overcomes it with a smile. She preaches her subordinates to fall in love with their work and each day will be fun.

It is said that life is a journey, and quality of life is determined by journey’s rich experience. As per Sandy, the hotel has undoubtedly given her unparalleled experience and made her life wonderful. This is her first experience of managing a boutique hotel which emphasizes more on one-to-one service as compared to a business hotel. Sandy contributes the success of LN Hotel Five to the constant hard work and support of the hotel staff. She acknowledges that it is because of them the hotel is growing and hopes it achieves greater success in future.

Bob, Executive Chef of Chinese Cuisine

Chef Bob

Chef is the soul of any restaurant which can be truly seen at Tea 5 – restaurant of LN Hotel Five, well known for its "exquisite Cantonese cuisine" and for its Chef who cooks by heart. Mr. Wu Jiaquan (Bob) who we fondly call Chef Bob is the executive Chef at LN Hotel Five; the person behind authentic Chinese cuisine served at Tea 5. Being a Guangzhou native, a city which is known as the China’s capital of Gastronomy, Chef Bob’s cooking philosophy has historical touch and abundance of southern China’s culinary culture. He is passionate about cooking since an early age and has been mastering this skill for many years now. Chef Bob has honed his cooking skills by perfecting various seasoning techniques and never stops innovating new methods.

Bob truly believes "respecting and feeling the food characteristics" is the secret behind any good recipe. Over the time, he has achieved his own cooking standard which distinguishes him from others. "Always respect the characteristics of the ingredient and feel them in different cooking practices with subtle changes. That’s the way to cook an authentic Cantonese cuisine." he says.

For every Chef, kitchen is like a playing field, where they cook, play and innovate with variety of ingredients and present different delicacies. However, our star chef Bob sometimes leaves the kitchen to cook live in front of guests. He likes to share the joy and experience of cooking and encourages them to learn the art. He has mastered a variety of specialty dishes, such as Mango Cubes with Dried Baby Shrimp, Griddled "Qingyuan" Chicken with White Pepper, Signature Roasted Goose with Preserved Vegetables to name a few.

Would you like to know more about him? Then visit Tea 5 to have a taste of Chef Bob’s cooking.

Ken, Western Executive Chef

Chef Ken

Bringing in nearly 20 years of experience, Chef Ken is the man behind the delectable Western Cantonese fusion dishes served at Tea 5.

A Guangzhou native, Chef Ken came from humble beginnings of Cantonese cooking at an early. Pursuing his dream to shine in the culinary field, he then worked his way up by mastering his skills in Western cuisine for 20 years now. At LN Hotel Five, he brings in the perfect blend of Cantonese and Western cuisine presenting innovative dishes for guests. One of his memorable event at LN Hotel Five was the welcome cocktail organized for the Michelin star chefs and participants chefs of Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific, 2018. He says “It was a great platform for us, as we presented our Cantonese delicacies to the renowned Michelin chefs and give them a taste of Canton. At the same time it was also a great learning opportunity for us as we got to meet talented chefs from around the world. It is a milestone event for us.”

Do try some of his innovative fusion dishes and get a taste of both the cultures at Tea 5!

Ann, Operation and Sales Manager

Ann Shen

To be a successful hotel operations manager, you need to have a strong sense of professionalism, a willingness to go above and beyond to provide excellent service, and to anticipate the needs of people. All these qualities come naturally to Ann Shen, our operations and sales manager.

As hotel operations manager, Ann spends majority of her time to supervise and guide staff in different departments and make sure that everything is ready for guests to check in. Not limiting to guests, for her keeping staff happy is also a priority because as per her they are as important as the guests. She says, “If you check-in to a hotel with an unhappy staff, it shows. So I have to make sure everyone communicates their problems or opinions and guide them in timely manner.” Working with a hotel provides her the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people all the time and that’s what keeps her going. She says, “It's never boring to work at a hotel.”

She is one of the first employees of LN Hotel Five and considers the hotel as a family. She has been dedicatedly working to scale up the hotel to new heights and will continue to do so.

Randy, Front Desk


As you enter the hotel, if you see a gracious man, shuttling between the hotel rooms, chatting, and taking care of your baggage and room card - that must be Randy - guest experience service specialist at LN Hotel Five. In the past two years, he has excelled in his work which is evident from guest appreciation he receives. Here is his story.

His journey with LN Hotel Five started in the housekeeping department; later he moved to the restaurant, then to the bar, and to the front desk. Moving to different departments helped him understand various functions of LN Hotel Five better than anyone else.

LN Hotel Five seems to grow with him. In addition to learning more about the hotel and Lingnan culture, he gradually learned how to offer meticulous service and transposition thinking. Randy considers guests as his friends and always tries to provide them best stay experience. It is his sincerity and carefulness that he receives appreciation from most of the guests who visit the hotel.

Randy narrated one of his guest experience, "Once, a guest from northern China came to Guangzhou and was acclimatized but did not tell us about his illness. During the conversation, I noticed this and volunteered to ask the guest and arranged nearest hospital assistance. I also made sure that he was served light meal as per doctor's advice. Later I informed my colleagues to pay more attention to the guest due to his condition. Finally, the guest resumed good health and was very pleased with the service we offered. He thanked us for the care and assistance."

Randy is very meticulous and goes out of his way to serve guests. Come to LN Hotel Five to see for yourself!

Tom, Roof Top Bar


Bartender is probably one of the most interesting and mysterious job profiles. In between loud music and crowd, you see them throwing, mixing tins; juggling and catching bottles in swift movements. If you are looking for some classic cocktails, Tom - bartender at Roof Top Bar is the one you should look for.

Tom did a barista apprentice to support his family financially at an early age. He pursued it even after graduation but did not know the new direction his life was going to take. By coincidence, he started to learn bartender skills and started enjoying it which has still kept him doing for around 6 years. He actively participates in various competitions as well. When Tom is asked till when he plans to continue being a bartender he says, "As long as my hands are flexible I will continue this job. I enjoy the time when I make the cocktail and mix drinks, and I am quite overwhelmed with the guest appreciation I receive."

Do ask Tom if his work is full of glamour or ask his female fans about it, else come to Roof Top Bar to experience it live. Let him pour troubles out of your mind with his special tailor-made cocktails.