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Lingnan Hotel Five

A Hotel - like an art gallery - A journey through time

Art Hotel: A Unique Journey

Hotel story

The brand of "Lingnan Hotel Five" originated from the well-known "Wuyang City" - Guangzhou, for appreciating "five immortals bring harvest", which also comprises the meaning of Chinese Five Elements Theory.

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City Story

Guangzhou, is a national central metropolitan with thousands years’ of heritage, its allusion and growth are fascinated. To start with, let us go through the journey of time and culture, listen the voice of the history.

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Food story

Guangzhou is one of the gastronomic capitals and the paradise of dainty food in China, with its Cantonese cuisine which is famous world over. Therefore, there is a folk saying: “Born in Suzhou, live in Hangzhou and most importantly, eat in Guangzhou".

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